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Personal health is the cornerstone to well being and at Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach we believe in treating the whole person. Those who lack insurance or the means to pay can take advantage of our services. To find our if you qualify, contact us at 843-559-4109.

 These are some of the programs we offer:

  • Dental Services (Mon-Thurs) are by appointments only on a limited basis.

    • Johns Island location: By Appointment Only ​

    • Downtown location: Every Wednesday 12-2pm

  • Women's Health Services (Mondays by appointment) - pre-natal and gynecological

 We have partnered with Roper St. Francis since 2011 to provide free OBGYN Care to the women who lack insurance or the ability to pay. 

Our use of dental students and partnerships with local schools has significantly increased the capacity of our program and our ability to offer a diverse range of oral health services.  This collaboration model between academic centers and community based clinics to bring access to care addresses health care disparities in areas we serve. 

Client Profile

Mrs. Gonzales came to the Wellness Center to see our OB/GYN doctor.  She had been suffering from some pretty debilitating health issues for a long time. She was immediately referred to the hospital and admitted. If she had not been able to access a doctor she would not be with us today. She credits our OB/GYN  doctor with saving her life.  

Wellness Staff

Dr. Ashlee Franklin
-Dental Director

Katie Lawhon

-Dental Assistant


Lydia Librado-Wylesky
-Office Assistance

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