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Friends and Supporters,

It is with equal measures of sadness and of gratitude that I write to announce the departure of Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach’s Executive Director, Ericka Plater.

Ericka has worked tirelessly.  She has been an innovator in furthering Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach’s mission.  She skillfully led the organization to a new era of service in the community, and through the challenging years of the COVID pandemic. 

During her tenure, Ericka epitomized the organization’s values in her day-to-day interactions with all of us.  She reignited the passion behind our mission - making sure everyone has the chance to thrive, advocating on their behalf, and ensuring a holistic approach to helping our neighbors in need. She led her team, our Board, and our stakeholders through two strategic plans and an organization expansion to meet the changing needs of the community.

One of Ericka’s passions is social justice and systems change for women and communities of color, and we look forward to seeing the change she inspires as she continues this work at the national level.  We are grateful for Ericka’s efforts and leadership these past six years and wish her every success as she takes on her new role.    

The leadership team with my support as Board Chair, will continue operations while we search for a new Executive Director. The groundwork Ericka laid better prepares us for this transition.  Our staff are fully equipped and supported in continuing our mission.  We will remain a leader in the community.   

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach. We look forward to a bright future with every one of you.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or at (843) 442-1370. 

With kindest regards and my thanks,


Anne Frances Bleecker

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