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GiveSmart How To 

Self Check-In 

Check yourself in before the event and skip the line! Registered guests will receive a text message the morning of the auction. From this text message complete the following steps: 

  1. Click on the blue link in your text message

  2. Confirm contact information 

  3. Add a credit card to your GiveSmart profile to expedite the check-out process or review current card associated with profile

  4. Check-In is complete*. Begin bidding once the auction is open at 11:00 a.m. from the Browse Items link. 

Please present this screen at Check-In to skip the line and begin bidding! 

*If additional contact information is needed (terms and conditions confirmation, text message confirmation, etc.), you will be prompted for this information prior to landing in the Check-in portal. 

Note: You must have a confirmed ticket to utilize Self Check-In. If you are a guest of a ticket holder, please make sure you have completed the ticket confirmation process sent to you via email.

How To Bid 

Once the auction is open for bidding, registered guests will receive a text notification. There are 4 ways to bid:

  1. By Smartphone - Click the blue link in your welcome message.  It will take you to a personal bidding page.  Click on an item and place a bid, it’s that simple. Note: The system will auto-populate the bid amount based on the set increment for the item. You can choose to bid at the set amount or input a higher amount. 

  2. By Text - Text the item number and amount to the welcome message you receive, (i.e. 101 500), no dollar signs or decimals are needed.

  3. By Computer - Clink on the Items tab from the Home page of the auction. Click on an item and place a bid.

  4. By “Personal Shopper” - Find a staff member at the event. They will be happy to place your bids for you.

Once you have placed a bid on an item, GiveSmart will notify you via text message if you have been outbid.

How To Place An Auto Bid 

Allow GiveSmart to automatically bid up to a designated amount for you. The system will bid incrementally up to the amount designated as long as someone else places a bid against you. If no one bids against your auto bid, the price remains the same. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Click the item of interest 

  2. Click the Auto Bid tab 

  3. Enter the maximum amount you would like to bid. 

  4. Click Bid

Self Check-Out 

You will be notified via text message if you have won a silent or live auction item. When you are ready to pay, follow the steps below to complete self check-out: 

  1. Click on the blue link in your text message (alternatively, click on the Pay tab from the Home page of the auction.) 

  2. Review the purchase summary

  3. Enter a credit card or use the one associated with your profile

  4. Click Pay

  5. Once payment is secured, a red Pay stamp will appear 

Show this Pay stamp at the Pick-Up to confirm payment was made and secure your items. 


Note: Payments made in a method other than credit card must be handled by an admin at Check-Out.

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