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Love Your Neighbor
Award 2018

Steve Koenig and Family


 Mr. Steve Koenig and his family have been involved with Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach from the very beginning. His long-standing commitment and continued involvement is a model of what it means to be a community. Steve's rule is, "find out what is needed and start giving." He says, "Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach makes doing the right thing so easy."


Steve entered the scene shortly after the sisters opened the Outreach's doors in 1989. With his son Scott and daughter Sara, they helped the sisters hang rods to display clothing and install waterproof containers to keep donated goods dry. From serving on the board of directors to grilling dinners for the migrant worker camp, Steve has continued to be a generous and remarkably creative volunteer and contributor for almost 30 years.


Steve even conceived the idea of the Christmas Toy Party, the Golf Tournament, and his late wife, Sharon, co-founded the Quilting Group. Today the Koenig Family continues their service to Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach. In December 2017, Steve and his wife, Julie, hosted the 26th Annual Christmas Toy Party. Over 188 families were able to provide a special Christmas for 494 children. Steve and his family reflect and live our values of compassion, inclusiveness, dignity, empowerment, and integrity. They are an inspiration and we honor them with the Love Your Neighbor Award.

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